desserts that won’t destroy

desserts that won’t destroy

We’ve got A LOT of attention on food right now at SOFLA. 

We’ve got our beginner’s CrossFit challenge going on where our athletes are aiming to go 100% Paleo for SIX WEEKS!

We’ve got our SOFLA Challenge: Team Series going on where our athletes are getting points based on how closely they can get to their target macros EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next four weeks.

And we’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming at us fast, getting ready to tempt us with fantastic foods and delicious drinks for an entire season! Yikes!

Walking into this time of year without some kind of a plan can be a bit dangerous if you’re hoping to look good and feel good all season long. This is the time when a lot of folks fall off their plans and protocols, and just “wait until January” to get back on track.

“Waiting” for something to happen, though, is a slippery slope. “I’ll start Monday” or “Once this is done I’ll start” or “I just need to wait a few more weeks and then I’ll be ready” are phrases that we’ve all, indeed, uttered before; but I believe the time needs to be “RIGHT NOW” in order to actually make a change. “Waiting” and “wanting” end up becoming synonymous, and for months we allow for poor habits to take over because we decided to wait.

There are tons of strategies that you can employ in order to prepare yourselves for a holiday season that doesn’t leave you 10 pounds heavier, and one of them is to bring the dessert to the party yourself. 

You’ll be going to tons of great get-togethers and fun gatherings this season, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking forward to the inevitable array of post-meal sweets.

But loading up on the sugar is one of the biggest mistakes you can make this season. Why? Because sugar makes you crave more sugar. You can’t stop it. One cookie won’t satisfy you. You need two, three or four. One piece of pie won’t do it. It seems that you’re always going back for seconds.

Sugar is addictive as hell and it can take control. But this year, if YOU bring the dessert, you can enjoy something sweet (as you should!) without derailing all of your hard work. Keep in mind — the recipes listed aren’t sugar-free; they just use more natural sugars and have fewer grams of sugar per serving than the typical desserts you’ll eat at parties.

Here are three yummy things to bring with you to the next event…

1- Mark’s Daily Apple’s Primal Brownies are a PERFECT choice for the chocolate lover. They are sweetened with dates and dark chocolate, and are rich and dense enough to where one little brownie will satisfy your post-meal sugar craving. And with a shit-ton less sugar and carbs than traditional brownies, you won’t be feeling that out-of-control need for more and more and more.

2- Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream is so yummy, and because we live in South Florida and we still get 90 degree weather in December, we can get away with bringing ice cream to the party 🙂 All this needs to make it party-appropriate is some sliced strawberries on top for garnish, and voila! A delicious, lower-sugar alternative that you can enjoy without overdoing it.

3- Paleo Pumpkin Pie, because it is, after all, FALL! Instead of things like white sugar and sweetened condensed milk, this recipe calls for pure maple syrup, dates and coconut milk. The ingredients in this paleo version of pumpkin pie won’t leave you feeling tired, bloated, and, in 15 minutes, yearning for more. You’ll be able to have a slice and move on about your night.

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!



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