drop a few lbs before Thanksgiving

drop a few lbs before Thanksgiving

So something we know is that going it alone (dieting, exercising, parenting, budgeting, studying, etc.) is often not as productive, effective, or fun as doing it with a partner or a group. 

When like-minded folks get together with the same intention, such as getting an “A” on a test or losing excess weight, there is power and energy (not to mention accountability) that you often miss out on when going totally solo.

At the gym, we’ve seen some pretty major successes in the challenges we’ve run. We run them a couple times a year because we know that when provided with the right environment and the right group of people, really important and positive changes will inevitably occur.

For some people, the change is small (yet still quite mighty). They lose the 10 pounds they put on over the summer and feel like themselves again.

For others, the change is huge. It’s the start of an entire new lifestyle. It’s the beginning of losing 50+ pounds of excess weight and changing how they spend their time and how they live their lives.

If you feel like the time has come to drop some weight, change your diet, improve your health, and/or make a big change towards leading a better life, we can help 🙂

Our next four-week challenge starts on Saturday, October 21st. If you register BEFORE October 18th, the price is just $99.

We’ve done our best to create the kind of environment where people are actually successful. You are put on a team, you are accumulating points, and you have a coach who guides you through the whole thing. These are the components that WE KNOW help people make lasting change.

We also know that doing this type of thing during the holidays is normally a recipe for disaster, so the challenge ends right before Thanksgiving. The idea is that you have established some really great habits that you’ll actually be able to carry through the holiday season with you. And while your friends and family are complaining about their holiday weight gain, you’ll actually be maintaining or perhaps even still progressing!

The challenge is for SOFLA members, as part of the point system is attending group classes or personal training at CrossFit SOFLA; but if you’re NOT a member and want to join for just the month of the challenge, you are welcome to! In fact, we think it would be pretty darn cool.

Read the details about the challenge here, and email us back to get your questions answered. We’d love to have you join us!

And if right here and right now isn’t the right choice for you, then consider doing your own challenge with your friends or family. I wrote a blog a few months back about how to form your squad and make some important changes in your life using positive peer pressure. Just remember that going it alone is cool, but you might find that you’re a lot more successful if you find a group or a partner.

Cheers to positive change!



Yay for new SOFLA t-shirts! Expected arrival date — next week! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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