Do you want to increase your power in the gym AND prevent injury?

Do you know you should be paying as much attention to your mobility and accessory work as your dead lift PR?

Have you been doing CrossFit for awhile now and still struggle with mobility/strength issues holding you back?

You Need The…


What is the RX Class Pass, you ask? Let me explain…

If you aren’t spending extra time addressing these issues, you’re not only selling yourself short as an athlete … You’re also setting yourself up for injury!  What will happen in these classes?


  • Myofacial Release – We will be doing intense foam rolling to work out all your kinks.
  • Accessory Training – You can work on your curls for the girls while preventing an injury!
  • Kinesiology Stretching – Splits anyone?
  • Recovery Yoga – Difficult poses held for long times.

So Basically we’re taking all the things you know you should be doing on a consistent basis…. and MAKING SURE YOU DO THEM ON A CONSISTENT BASIS



Calm Down.


I’ll get to that….


First, let me introduce myself…


Hi!  I’m Jaime; you may have seen me around the gym.  I will be leading and programming this class. 


We will be hosting our first class FREE this September 29th at 10am conveniently after Saturday’s class.


Afterward we will be doing a soft roll out of Saturday class passes you may purchase singly if we get enough demand.


What do I have in store for the future if we have enough demand?


  • More class times!
  • Personalized goals
  • Homework!
  • Assisted Stretching!
  • Kinesiology Tape!
  • Much More!!!

So… What are you waiting for??

Register NOW!!!!