The Nutrition Challenge:

SOFLA Simple Eating

Get ready everyone because we are changing things up!

You have goals. You want to drop body fat, increase muscle mass, have more energy, sleep more soundly, learn how to eat right, be more physically active, get ripped, and HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Your wish is our command.

Welcome to the coolest, smartest, most FUN challenge you’ve ever done…

The Nutrition Challenge:

SOFLA Simple Eating

What the heck is this challenge, you ask? Here are the juicy details…

  • Prior to the start of the challenge, we’ll complete your body assessment and get very detailed information on your overall body composition. The scan will tell us your body fat and muscle quality, and then we’ll remeasure during the last week of the challenge to see your awesome improvements.
  • We will use all of the data we gather to customize a plan FOR YOU! This will be completely tailored to YOU to ensure YOUR success!
  • You’ll set up your macronutrient goal to figure out how many grams of carbohydrate, fat, and protein you should consume per day, and use the My Fitness Pal app to track your numbers. Macro tracking is a GREAT way to get you to your goal in a flexible, realistic way.
  • Every month you will be challenged with the objective of collecting as many points as humanly possible in order to progress to the next month. More points equals more progress for you!
  • During the 3 months, you’ll work diligently to train hard, eat well, and grab points to progress to each new month, getting you closer and closer to your overall goals! There will be monthly challenges, video challenges, and monthly/overall prize winners!

Ok cool. So you say we need to collect points to win, right? How do we get points?



Point Categories Points Awarded
Within 12g of goal number on all 3 macros 1
Within 6g of goal number on all 3 macros 2
Within 3g of goal number on all 3 macros 3
Attended 1 class, open gym session, or PT session at SOFLA 1
Monthly challenges! Varied depending on the week 🙂

Sounds fun, right?! But what about prizes? What do we get if we win? HOW do we win?


Well, you’ll get your badass body, new eating habits, and the amazing gift of new energy that comes along with improving your overall lifestyle….And…

Month 1: Accumulate 60 points in order to qualify moving on to the next round.  You must also complete 2 out of 4 workout challenges

Month 2: Accumulate 100 points in order to qualify moving on to the next round.  You must also complete 3 out of 4 workout challenges

Month 3: You must also complete 4 out of 4 workout challenges

Overall Individual Winner (most poinst accumulated overall) – 3 month membership to SOFLA

Monthly Prizes!


We’ve got some events for you to put on your calendar for the challenge. Check it…


Saturday, February 2nd – Kick Off Event

Saturday, May 4th – Final Team WOD and Award Ceremony


We know. You’re pretty much sold. This sounds TOO FUN and TOO AWESOME not to do, right?! Now you just want to know how much…


$285 (Early Bird Price- $245!)

Ready for the BEST 3 MONTHS OF YOUR LIFE?!

Register NOW for The Nutrition Challenge: SOFLA Simple Eating

Early Bird Registration is  now through Jan 18th so sign up TODAY! 

Past SOFLA  Successes


In just six short weeks, Lena dropped 3.9% body fat and increased her muscle quality by 9.1%! Her incredible diligence has allowed her to crush workouts and get lean and fit. She just completed a team 1/2 marathon row and made it look easy!


Sri lost the most body fat of all the males in the 2016 Team Series Challenge. He dropped an incredible 6% body fat and increased his muscle quality by 7%! He told us that it was the elimination of fruits and grains that made all the difference for him. Sri is stronger and leaner than ever.


Carol was the incredible overall winner of the 2016 Team Series! In six weeks, Carol dominated and lost 8 pounds. Her diligence and work ethic has turned her into a lean, badass athlete.