busy? try these med ball at-home workouts!

busy? try these med ball at-home workouts!

There are some days when you just can’t make it to the gym. 

But the tricky part about that dilemma is research has showed us time and time again that daily activity, the kind where we get at least a little sweaty and elevate our heart rates, is remarkable for our mood, energy levels, sleep, well-being, and more.

My recommendation to folks has always been to get to a group fitness class or hire a personal trainer, since this is always a more effective (and certainly more fun!) route to fitness; but on the days when that can’t happen, we need some tools in our tool box so we can get the benefits of daily exercise.

The options are plentiful (follow one of the many 10-20 minute yoga flows on YouTube, go for a rigorous swim, do 50 push-ups in your living room, etc.) but I thought I’d share a great option with you that requires nothing more than a medicine ball.

The folks over at Onnit have shared with us five med ball workouts for both beginner and advanced athletes alike. This is PERFECT for those days when you have very little time to spare and you know you won’t be able to make it to the gym.

So grab a med ball if you don’t already have one (you can order one in any size from Rogue Fitness here) and try out one of these five awesome workouts!

Cheers to not allowing our schedule restraints to keep us from the benefits of daily exercise 🙂



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